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Rare Vintage Handcrafted Late 19th Mother of Pearl Inlaid Wood Syrian guest room   Don't let this rare set get away. Get it now!   Mother of Pearl (SADAF) Mosaic Inlaid  Arabesque Art, Middle Eastern.Syrian .Late Ottoman empire.Early 19th century. Pieces are unique that can create a magical atmosphere to any space in your home. The art of inlaying mother of pearl is hard and time consuming. They take dried walnut pieces and are cut to a rough shape of desired object. Then, they are carved by a skilled artisan, creating complicated patterns . Small pieces are cut to form together various shapes -rings, stars, ornaments,  mother of pearl is very thin, very fragile and brittle, and not flexible, and that many parts of the furniture need to be slightly curved, which makes it necessary to profile the mother of pearl in a third dimension, on top of the complicated flat shapes! Then the pieces are glued in place, creating a perfectly uniform, flat surface, flush with the walnut base that holds them. When all the pieces have been mounted together, and finally create a single piece of furniture, they are finished with high quality varnishes, Read more
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